2 Cricket: Groundsman calls batsmen 'useless'

A throwaway comment from Napier groundsman Phil Stoyanoff aimed at the batsmen who are about to grace his well-grassed strip, pricked the antennae of the sports media more used to bland pronouncements.

When asked whether his unusually hirsute wicket would produce a result, Stoyanoff was unequivocal.

"Yes, because both sides have such bad batsmen," he blurted.

Sensing he had a receptive audience, Stoyanoff came in off his long run.

"That's my honest opinion, they're useless."

It should be noted that Stoyanoff was referring to both New Zealand and Pakistan's top orders and, from what can be ascertained, nobody present rebuked him for inaccuracy.

See the rest of the article on the following link:-NZ -Herald

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