5 Cyren Chlorpyrifos – Imminent Changes to Authorised Uses

ChlorpyrifosThe UK product authorisation holders have advised that with effect from the 21st May 2015 Cyren will no longer be approved for use on Amenity Grassland or Managed Amenity Turf.

This news is subsequent to a decision made by the Chemicals Regulations Directorate, of which more information can be found on the CRD website via an incomplete statement published on the 19th of May.

In response, Maxwell Amenity have immediately suspended the sales of Cyren.

Based on this information, it could be assumed use of Cyren would still be legal up until the deadline.

No information is currently available about the legality of storage but no specific prohibition has been seen by Maxwell Amenity, therefore Maxwell Amenity's advice to all its customers is to continue safely storing unopened, unused product until more information becomes available.

Maxwell Amenity are seeking further clarification from the CRD and the authorisation holders and will be in contact with all customer affected.

Please bear with us as we anticipate receiving lots of questions, we hope to be able to provide further answers as and when we know precisely the facts.

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