0 Daconil Turf and Heritage

The originals and still the best, tried and tested for healthier turf.

Special offer closes 27 May 2005

Digital soil Thermometer and/or pH Meter Yours FREE!

• Daconil Turf - broad-spectrum control including Fusarium Patch, Red Thread, Dollar Spot and Anthracnose

• Multi-site activity

• Heritage - the only approved turf fungicide for the control of Take-all Patch and Fusarium

• New 100g size

Together, Daconil Turf and Heritage provide a programmed approach to turf disease control. For healthy grass and useful free gifts order Daconil and Heritage today!

Make a splash in this superb waterproof coat!

Get this '3 in 1' coat,* when you order just one outer of Midstream GSR - the long term weed control for watercourses including still and slow flowing water.

Special offer closes 27 May 2005

Midstream GSR is an effective aquatic herbicide - the modern alternative for effective aquatic weed control

• Granular formulation for ease of use

• Controls a wide range of broad-leaved emergents, most submerged and also rooted floating weeds

• Twenty per cent active ingredient and slow release activity gives season-long control from one application

• Root uptake enables treatment in fisheries.
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