March 2001 (Page 1)

Summertime in Manchester?

Keith Kent

Well I don't know what anyone else thinks but I am afraid that this summer is not going to happen. This is the third year on the trot that we are struggling...

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Big European Night at Old Trafford

European football

My count down to the quarter final first leg began on the Sunday morning. I had done a few things in preparation before but now the excitement began.

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Stadium pitch renovation

As the head Groundsman of Blackburn Rovers it is my responsibility to plan out the end of season renovation programme. I have to liase with the club and...

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Ewood Echo 1


Hi Everybody, this is yours truly reporting from a very wet and cold Ewood Park today Tuesday 4th of June. What happened to flaming June anybody?


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Dell drainage

What can be said about the season 2001/02? Well it was the last season at the Dell where Saints have been playing football for the last 100 years. It was...

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