October 2001 (page 1)

With four league games, two reserve matches, a friendly international and a pre-season friendly under our belt, I feel that the new pitch has made a good...

in Football - on 30/10/01

With a wet autumn, we have had to pick the times when we can get on to do the end of season remedial works required, so as to get the greens prepared ready...

in Bowls - on 30/10/01

Rats and Mice

Why Worry? Rats and mice pose a major threat to health. A recent article in the Public Health Journal described rats as Public Enemy Number 1!

in Industry News - on 30/10/01

Busy at Rugby HQ

Well here we are at the end of October in what has been one of the busiest months that I can ever remember. We started with the England training session...

in Football - on 29/10/01

It has to be said that as a life long supporter of Fulham FC, I was more than happy to take a trip down to London to meet Frank Boahene, the man in charge...

in Football - on 29/10/01

Drainage at Lords

The entire field of play at the MCC is sat on thick, virtually impermeable London clay and for many years has caused heartache and headaches for myself...

in Cricket - on 23/10/01

The melting pot.

in Editorial - on 23/10/01

To ensure the maximum life expectancy of a synthetic pitch is achieved it is vital that correct sand levels are maintained. Too much or too little sand...

in Synthetics - on 22/10/01

With the worst Autumn weather for over 200 years it is little wonder that there has been a change in peoples perception of synthetic surfaces as being...

in Synthetics - on 22/10/01

Drag brushing is an essential part of any synthetic pitch maintenance programme.

in Synthetics - on 22/10/01

Dirt and debris accumulate on synthetic surfaces through a variety of ways, a major one being the trafficking of dirt onto the surface by players' footwear....

in Synthetics - on 22/10/01

We were fortunate last Friday to get everything top-dressed; we were working on eleven of our courts, which is quite a large area of about 3/4 of an acre....

in Tennis - on 18/10/01

Simon Hannam, consultant with Hopwood Ash can offer you helpful and friendly advice regarding

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The super League rugby cup final turned out to be a bit of a one sided affair. The game was being played at Old Trafford again this year and a good game...

in Rugby - on 17/10/01

Whingeing footballers.

in Editorial - on 16/10/01

  Old Trafford was chosen to be the venue for what turned out to be the final qualifying game on England's path to the world cup 2002.

in Football - on 11/10/01

On Monday the 1st of October at 3.30pm the England bandwagon rolled into our soccer academy, as the coach with the famous three lions plastered across...

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One of the possible problems for a machine not starting is fuel starvation. The first point of call therefore will be the fuel tank itself. Make sure that...

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