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Blackpool Cricket Club hope for new wickets

Blackpool C.C. have hosted games for Lancashire C.C.C. this year,but their square is old and there is some optimism that the costly exercise of constructing...

in Industry News - on 31/8/02

Blackpool hope for new wickets

New wickets for Blackpool

It has been a busy season at Blackpool CC with three county matches on top of a hectic club campaign with senior and junior teams using the Stanley Park...

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Free days seminar and demo

Three free days of seminar and machine demonstrations with SISIS-dates, venues and details inside

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Villa park working diary

See the latest editorial inside, my working diary of the last three months at Villa Park. I've not put a picture of myself up on the website before now,...

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Flooded in August!

Bradford and Bingley Cricket Club Groundsman, Paul Markham has been flooded twice in August. Torrential thunder storms have twice caused the local river...

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Flooding in August!

August has been an eventful month for Bradford & Bingley Groundsman Paul Markham, who has seen his ground under water twice as well as preparing a pitch...

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A working diary

A working diary

A working diary

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The Petition board

Following many comments regarding extended warm ups and the eternal keeper scratch marks problem, we have decided to introduce a new message board. The...

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Harley Davidson

If you're off to Saltex, check out this article to see what you could win

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The Incidence of Fairy Ring Turf Grass Disease On Fine Turf in the UK

1. Introduction Fairy Ring disease is probably one of the best known of all turf grass diseases. It has been causing problems to greenkeepers, gr...

in Industry News - on 28/8/02

Winter Pitch Maintenance : Drainage and Aeration

Introduction In recent years the performance of high quality winter sports pitches (especially soccer) has improved considerably. It is not long a...

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USGA Construction – Does it work?

Introduction For over 30 years (Habeck and Christians 2000) the United States Golf Association recommendations for golf green construction have bee...

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The American Cemetery at Madingley, near Cambridge, is an affecting sight. Rows of brilliant white marble crosses, set into bright green turf, stand...

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Scotts UK Professional has invested over £50,000 in a major fine turf trials area at Scotts Levington Research Station near Ipswich – Europe’s largest...

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The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd has recently taken on the distribution of the Dow AgroSciences product ‘Premiere’, a ready-to-use, pre-emergence herbicide...

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The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd will be displaying at SALTEX the benefits of their new range of organic based turf fertilizers – formulated to give turf...

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Scotts R&D department has, over the past two years, pushed slow release fertilizer performance to a new level of precision with the development of the...

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Fairway Maintenance

Fairway Maintenance

Introduction There has never been more pressure on golf courses and golf course superintendents to produce year round top quality surface condition...

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Black Layer

Black Layer

Black layer only occurs in anaerobic soil conditions. It is caused by a physical condition of the soil. If the soil does not drain quickly enough or...

in Industry News - on 27/8/02

SISIS machine receives great commendations

SISIS produced the Rotorake 600 to much acclaim. Read a collection of articles in our Industry section from four Groundsmen and Green keepers who have...

in Industry News - on 26/8/02