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September-the start of Autumn

September-the start of Autumn

in Editorial - on 12/9/02

Free seminar at Twickers.

All Turf grass Professionals are cordially invited to attend a meeting sponsored by GreenTech Inc and hosted by Keith Kent in his new role as Grounds...

in Industry News - on 12/9/02

Groundsman sow seeds for victory

Who are football’s unsung heroes?Whilst footballers and managers reap princely sums for their part in the beautiful game, those silent artists whose...

in Football - on 12/9/02


Our financial expert Simon Hannam, writes about the merits of financial planning in our finance section inside.

in Industry News - on 10/9/02

New courses launched for Pitchcare members

Pitchcare have teamed up with Mark Foley our new Training, Health and Safety Consultant to provide courses on a whole range of subjects. We are also able...

in Industry News - on 10/9/02

Easier rain management

The MacLeod Cover and Protection System has been revamped with new materials and an ingenious method of management. Our editor went down to Portman Road...

in Industry News - on 10/9/02

Easier management of rain covers

Management of rain covers

From the early days of the 'Brum umbrella', systems have been designed to keep precipitation from getting onto the playing surface. While providing some...

in Football - on 10/9/02

New member courses

Pitchcare have teamed up with Mark Foley, a Training, Health and Safety Consultant to providecourses on all of the subjects below. We are also able to...

in Industry News - on 10/9/02

Good financial planning-Fact or Fiction

Many of you who read this will be associated with providing a suitable playing surface for your designated sport (s), some to an international standard...

in Industry News - on 10/9/02

No winner for the Harley-boo hoo!!

The 'guess the number plate' competition was a tremendous success at Saltex. Unfortunately the insurers have now informed us that there was no winner....

in Industry News - on 9/9/02

SISIS raise money for charity

The SISIS 321 is a rugged, versatile tractor in its element on the golf course or sports pitch. It is not however the first choice of vehicle for a drive...

in Industry News - on 9/9/02

Courts pass stern test

It has been a busy time for the Head Groundsman at the All England Club. In our tennis section, Eddie Seaward explains his thoughts on court use, renovation,...

in Industry News - on 8/9/02

New courts complete stern test

After the tournament last year we decided to invest in a Koro machine, albeit a smaller version so that it would work snugly on our courts. We Koro'd off...

in Tennis - on 8/9/02

September Offer

Fleet(Linemarkers) are offering Pitchcare members the latest amazing offer on their brand new marker.As a promotional offer for the month of September...

in Industry News - on 6/9/02

Pitch problems summarised at Villa

With England playing last Saturday at Villa Park( and training the previous morning), Consultant Andy Cole, highlights the renovation program and subsequent...

in Industry News - on 6/9/02

Renovation and summer problems

Aston Villa FC

The PSD(NW)Ltd consultant notes for the renovation and subsequent problem solving exercise at Villa Park

in Football - on 6/9/02

Three free bowling green seminars

SISIS are offering the opportunity to learn about bowling green maintenance at three seperate seminars on the 1st,2nd and 3rd of October-places are limited...

in Industry News - on 3/9/02

Slow down at Maine Road

Assistant Groundsman Lee Jackson reckons that now the season`s started, the lads can slow down a little. After a hectic close season, Lee looks forward...

in Industry News - on 2/9/02

Football groundsman awards

The football Groundsman of the year awards were announced at Saltex today.

in Industry News - on 2/9/02

Now for the quiet time of the year!

quiet time of the year!

After a hectic summer which has seen us renovating most of our existing sites and maintaining them all. Our work has also included overseeing the new construction...

in Football - on 2/9/02