January 2004 (Page 3)

GSB Loams celebrate 10th anniversary

Directors George Sharp and John Goodjohn set up the Loams and Top Dressings manufacturer at the site of the former Kettering Loam company in 1994 and have...

in Cricket - on 6/1/04

Course maintenance enhanced at Nairn Dunbar Golf Club

Situated on the shores of the Moray Firth, Nairn Dunbar Golf Club is a highly rated Scottish links championship course complete with gorse and whin lined...

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Collier Turf Care conference helps turf managers keep pace

Given the rapid rate of change in the sphere of turf science, it can be difficult for working grounds professionals to keep informed about the latest developments...

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Poor pitches cost UK sports millions

Poor pitches cost

Even before adding in the costs of litigation resulting from injuries, the UK sports industry is losing around £600-800 million every year as a result...

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Buffalo's migrate far and wide

Spring may come late this year but the Buffalo herds are once more migrating south, from Scotland, down through England & Wales and under the Channel-full...

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Vitax's Marathon plugs fertiliser gap

BTME sees the introduction of Marathon, Vitax’s new range of organo-mineral fertilisers taking the middle ground between mini-granular mineral based...

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First wetting agent and penetrant with additional oxygen

Floratine launches two important, new, complimentary products for opposing weather conditions, the first of their kind with stable oxygen-details...

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Lindum's cream of crop

The cream of Lindum’s crop, an award winner, a runner up, an independently analysed greens turf, and the sward now gracing the Millennium Stadium

in Industry News - on 4/1/04

Terrain launch the 'Italian Job'

Terrain’s MD David Green, who has designed and built the new machine, says that at two feet shorter, and approx 300Kg lighter, Airforce G is more compact...

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Golf Clubs join forces

Golf Clubs join forces

The ever increasing demand for golf, coupled with a “no chemicals” policy on amenity turf, has prompted the unique collaboration of five Dutch head...

in Golf - on 4/1/04

Pre Match Warm Ups damage - current situation

The Professional Game Match Officials will be discussing the issue early this month. More comments from Pitchcare members welcomed.

in Football - on 2/1/04

Club Car Precedent to set new industry standards

After 5 years of development, Club Car launch their first new golf car for 20 years. More inside

in Industry News - on 1/1/04