March 2004 (Page 1)

Stability problems at Ewood Park

The colder than average weather and undersoil heating resulted in some stability problems at Ewood, requiring an urgent turf tile replacment...

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Launch of new Terra Spike XF to UK and Irish dealers

Over 40 dealer sales staff from the UK and Ireland attended the recent European launch of the new Terra Spike XF at the Peralada Golf Resort in northern...

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Spring Top Dressing.

So it’s that time of year again! The Daffodils are in bloom, the temperature’s rising and, glory be, England has won two Test matches in the West...

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Blues sign up TORO for City of Manchester Stadium

Manchester City has signed up Toro to help maintain the pitch at the spectacular £110 million City of Manchester Stadium. Read Inside.

in Industry News - on 30/3/04

Best Technical Merit Answers- June 2003

Following the success of the Technical Merit Award 2003, sponsored by Tillers Turf. Pitchcare have started to publish some of the best answers submitted...

in Consultancy - on 29/3/04

Campey's new man in the Northwest

Ian Campbell is ideally qualified for his new post with Campey Turf Care Systems, having extensive knowledge of both playing sport and of designing turf...

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Dennis Dealers set the pace at Silverstone

Dennis dealers normally handle equipment such as professional cylinder mowers that travel no faster than walking pace. But at the beginning of March, 50...

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Weed of the Week: White Clover (Trifolium repens)

White Clover

What is a weed? By definition a weed is a plant that is growing in the wrong place. Weeds take valuable space, water, sunlight and nutrients that may otherwise...

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Behind the scenes at Gillingham

Behind the scenes

The Gills new Groundsman Jonathan Eves is relishing being his own boss, and plans to make the grass greener on Priestfield’s hallowed turf. Although...

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Grounds For Optimism

I was invited to join the Butleigh Playing Field Association in 2001 when the committee were trying to extend the range of activities that were catered...

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Woodbury Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club

Woodbury Park Hotel

Ian Chenery, course manager of the Woodbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club, Exeter, will be one of many course managers who will be posting information...

in Golf - on 26/3/04

The ultimate in versatility from UltraPlant

When it comes to versatility, the Multi Pro-101 from UltraPlant is surely the ‘swiss army knife’ of topdressers. Read Inside.

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Parks and Nurseries in the spotlight

Birmingham City Council was under scrutiny recently when a team of experts from across Europe conducted a week of interviews with council staff, councillors...

in Industry News - on 25/3/04

New Distributor approved in Portugal

Ransomes Jacobsen, the Ipswich based manufacturer and distributor of turf maintenance equipment, has appointed Tijardim S.A. as their exclusive distributor...

in Industry News - on 25/3/04

Chelsea's brush with success

Two versatile Dennis G860 mowers with interchangeable turf brush attachments are keeping Stamford Bridge in a condition worthy of a team near the top of...

in Industry News - on 24/3/04

The heat is on

After last year’s long dry hot summer Barenbrug is offering advice on renovation programmes.

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What is happening in rugby?

Rugby woe's

Hot the heels of the dismissal of Tony Horne from the Millenium stadium comes the news that Heather McKinnon has left her position at Murrayfield.

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Rotary Range increases

LLOYDS have increased their range of pedestrian operated self propelled Rotary Mowers.

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Mick Miller – A Tribute

Mick Miller died on Wednesday 7th January 2004. He was a well known, well respected and popular figure in the grass care and farming communities and was...

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Weed of the Week: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

What is a weed? By definition a weed is a plant that is growing in the wrong place. Weeds take valuable space, water, sunlight and nutrients that may...

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