April 2005 (page 3)

Cranfield University aims to reduce sporting injury.

As more of the population begin to recognise the benefits of sporting activity, there is a need for improved sports pitches which not only deliver increased...

in Training & Education - on 11/4/05

Major step backwards for Groundsmanship

Major step backwards

The recent advertisement in the Groundsman Magazine for the Grounds Manager position has stirred emotions in me that have been bubbling under for a long...

in Industry News - on 9/4/05

Chapel Allerton April Maintenance diary.

Soil temperatures are now rising and now is an ideal time to overseed your courts.Sarrel rolling is advised before to break surface crust and produce an...

in Tennis - on 8/4/05

Further Ransomes Triple for Fergusons grounds maintenance fleet

Spencer Ambrose, managing director of Huntingdon based grounds maintenance and landscape contractor Fergusons, has added another Ransomes Highway triple...

in Industry News - on 8/4/05

So you want to buy a grinder?

A simple costing exercise is needed to clarify things for the people who sign the cheques for capital expenditure. Count the number of cylinders held...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 7/4/05

Aiming for Perfection

200 groundsmen and greenkeepers attended the 3-day “Aiming for Perfection” event at Askham Bryan College in March.

in Industry News - on 7/4/05

Welford Road home of the Tigers.

Welford road is an inspiring ground and with capacity gates of 16,500 it is no wonder Leicester remain one of the toughest teams to beat when playing at...

in Rugby - on 5/4/05

Composting is catching on

Following the successful launch of their new Compost Makers at BTME, Course Care held a demonstration day at Woodsome Hall golf club recently.

in Industry News - on 5/4/05

Turf adds final touch to England's first park

Renovations to England’s first public park are nearing completion with the laying of almost 8,000 sq metres of Yorkshire turf.

in Industry News - on 4/4/05

New outfield for Scarborough Cricket Club

Scarborough Cricket Club will start next season with a new outfield following a £20,000 renewal scheme.

in Cricket - on 4/4/05

New Compact tractor and top dresser for Royal Troon golf club

One of the great links courses in Scotland has taken delivery of new turf maintenance equipment from Fairways GM, Ransomes Jacobsen’s recently appointed...

in Industry News - on 4/4/05

Spring clean for mature golf greens

Harrogate’s finest young golfers (boys under 16yrs) will meet Wales this spring on “cleaned” greens at a highly respected hundred-year-old parkland...

in Industry News - on 4/4/05

Always busy at Bristol City

Bristol City

As with most league football clubs Bristol City are always trying to maximise the use of their stadium. For the last three-years we have held concerts...

in Football - on 4/4/05

Spring Preparation for Cricket

Roll your square before the ground dries out. That is the advice to cricket groundsman at this time of the year from Headingley groundsman Keith Boyce,...

in Cricket - on 3/4/05

New Golf Facilities at Royal Ascot

Golf at Royal Ascot

For the last 14 months I have been overseeing the major landscape and track developments at Royal Ascot. The size and scale of the work is quite staggering,...

in Golf - on 2/4/05

Is Seasonal Bedding Politically Correct?

In this day of environmental responsibility Bedding or Public Seasonal Display has in some areas become non-PC. Sadly many assume that bedding is no longer...

in Consultancy - on 1/4/05