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Drill n Fill

Swindon’s County Ground is famous for League football, but is also home to a bowls green owned by the Borough Council and looked after by greenkeeper,...

in Bowls - on 15/5/09

Ten ways to save Test cricket

Test cricket, we are told, is hard to market – which is usually a good indication of something's value.

in Cricket - on 14/5/09

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SCH (Supplies) Ltd have recently completed their first order for John Bradshaw Ltd

in Industry News - on 14/5/09

Trim a few leylandii? It'd have been easier to cut down the Amazon rainforest!

This has not been the easiest of weeks to be a politician. Even by the rough-and-tumble standards of Westminster, the flak has come thick and fast. Some...

in Industry News - on 14/5/09

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The Deep Drill bought by Terrain Aeration as part of the company’s acquisition of C & P Soilcare has been completely stripped and overhauled and is now...

in Industry News - on 14/5/09

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John Deere Golf is excited to announce a significant development within its sales and marketing team. Nicole Chase, former business manager, has accepted...

in Industry News - on 13/5/09

County cricket ground could move

in Cricket - on 13/5/09

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Otley College, the Further and Higher Education centre of excellence for land-based professions, has signed a rolling five-year preferred supplier agreement...

in Industry News - on 13/5/09

Football stadia part of 2015 bid

in Rugby - on 13/5/09

Out of bounds – Open hero barred from own golf club

in Golf - on 13/5/09


George & Ailsa

We have all heard of George and Mildred, and George and the dragon but who on earth are George and Ailsa? Unlike the other two, George and Ailsa are still...

in Golf - on 13/5/09


As the weather is warming up, the grass and inevitable weeds are growing apace so now is the time to get effective weed control programmes underway. But...

in Industry News - on 12/5/09


A fleet of Kubota machines, consisting of three RTV900 all-terrain utility vehicles, an L5240 tractor and an F80 outfront ride-on mower, has boosted efficiency...

in Industry News - on 12/5/09


SOS to save money ...

Martin Sampson, and his assistant Russell Ashford, were faced with a difficult choice - to seed or turf - following the removal of a huge marquee from...

in Rugby - on 12/5/09

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The Royal Golf Center Copenhagen, one of the newest top class golf courses in Denmark and designed by the respected golf course architect - Ron Kirby,...

in Golf - on 11/5/09

Dan's perfect pitch earns award

The man who looks after the pitch at Swansea's £27m Liberty Stadium has been judged to be a cut above the rest, with an award.

in Football - on 11/5/09

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Ipswich, United Kingdom - Earlier this week, the group of organisations and individuals involved in producing a ground-breaking new suite of Sustainability...

in Industry News - on 11/5/09

Village cricket club knocked for six after travellers park their caravans on their pitch

The pitch had been carefully tended, the wicket was in fine form and all was set for Roborough Cricket Club's first home game of the season.

in Cricket - on 11/5/09

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The new PTO drive front mounted sweeper from Kersten is designed to attach quickly and easily on to the “F80” series of Kubota up-front mowing...

in Industry News - on 10/5/09


Edinburgh, United Kingdom - The Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) and its European Golf Partners came together last week to consolidate a shared positive...

in Industry News - on 10/5/09