September 2013 (page 1)

With TIMBREL having received a withdrawal notice from Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) Dow AgroSciences is advising end users that they have until...

in Industry News - on 30/9/13

Ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, Campey Sales Director is invited to present – “The renovation practices at Real Madrid and Manchester United”...

in Football - on 30/9/13

PQS assesments

Consultant Agronomist, Gordon Jaaback, suggests that the current Performance Quality Standard requires other factors to be included within its framework...

in Football - on 30/9/13

Consider the Wessex ProLine STC sweeper collector and you could find you have a great deal for your money.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 29/9/13

Investment in the maintenance of athletics tracks is as vital as the initial design and specification.

in Synthetics - on 29/9/13

Masons Kings Pro-Turf Day was a great success and enjoyed by all.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 29/9/13

Liverpool, a city famed for its football, is making a big effort to raise the quality of public pitches controlled by Liverpool City Council.

in Football - on 28/9/13

Sports facilities at a school in Rochdale will soon be of a premier standard thanks to White Horse Contractors (Northern), one of the UK’s leading natural...

in Synthetics - on 28/9/13

Hot on the heels of London Fashion Week, British Seed Houses isturning heads at the Landscape Show in Battersea this week with the latest garden inspired...

in Industry News - on 28/9/13

Terrific training

In the second of two articles on the training we give (and get) at work - Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry looks at some of the prerequisites...

in Consultancy - on 28/9/13

John Deere is expanding its range of walk-behind commercial mowers with the new PRO 47V.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 27/9/13

Per Christensen, head greenkeeper at Fredensborg Golf Club, is a loyal customer of the Jacobsen brand.

in Golf - on 27/9/13

Over 90% of greenkeepers are keen to employ an Integrated Turf Management approach to minimising the risk of disease attacks this winter.

in Pests & Diseases - on 26/9/13

Gibson Groundscare Machinery to manage new territory

in Industry News - on 26/9/13

Controlling Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1825 and widely planted as an exotic garden ornamental before the invasive nature of the plant...

in Consultancy - on 26/9/13

Amongst our ever changing weather patterns, one thing that seems to have become established are consistently warmer autumn periods, bringing the regular...

in Industry News - on 25/9/13

Failing to spray for Leatherjackets (Tipula spp) during the UK’s traditionally wet autumn presents an unnecessary threat to greens.

in Pests & Diseases - on 25/9/13

Among a range of new product launches from Etesia this autumn are two high quality professional rotary mowers, two domestic pedestrian lawn mowers and...

in Industry News - on 25/9/13