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PackwoodSchool PhilMold Main

Shropshire's finest ...

Laurence Gale MSc visits Packwood Haugh School in deepest Shropshire to meet Head Groundsman, Phil Mold, and discovers a small team producing playing surfaces...

in Football - on 14/1/15

3rd Green Church Stretton

Compare and contrast...

When it comes to producing good quality putting surfaces, there is no set formula, with each course having differing topography, grass type, soil conditions...

in Golf - on 14/1/15

Mitox 5300UK PRO

Mitox®, formerly Kawasaki

Take the Kawasaki reputation for quality, reliability and durability and roll it into the new Japanese-made Mitox and you have a formidable range of commercial...

in Industry News - on 13/1/15

ATV Spreader FS270T ADJUST

Wessex spreading the news

Wessex International has introduced new models to their range of trailed fertiliser spreaders.

in Industry News - on 13/1/15

Caldicot School

£660k sports ground

SPORTS grounds in Caldicot that will have cost £660,000 will finally be completed next month – five months late.

in Industry News - on 13/1/15


"Hidden water" usage

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is urging coordinated action to reduce the amount of hidden water used in food and drink production –...

in Industry News - on 12/1/15

Government funded spider venom project to provide lifeline for bees

Spider venom project

UK businesses and universities to benefit from £16 million of funding to solve some of the world’s greatest agricultural challenges.

in Industry News - on 12/1/15

Frank newberry

Do you even need a team?

Before looking at the eight building blocks that need to be in place for a work team to succeed, Frank Newberry pauses to ask if we even need to have work...

in Consultancy - on 12/1/15

Susan Hall Complete Weed Control

CWC Marketing Assistant

Complete Weed Control, the UK’s largest weed control contractor, has announced the appointment of Susan Hall as marketing assistant

in Industry News - on 11/1/15

Fight against illegal pesticides

Illegal pesticides

When customs officers seized 21t of counterfeit and illicit pesticides in Poland earlier this summer, it marked the end of the road for an illegal shipment...

in Industry News - on 11/1/15


2014 UK's warmest year

Last year was the UK's warmest since records began in 1910, the Met Office has said.

in Industry News - on 11/1/15

Disabled Access

Disabled access at venues

The government is to launch a survey into the treatment of disabled people at UK stadiums and sports venues.

in Industry News - on 10/1/15


Nigel steps down

Award-winning Hampshire groundsman Nigel Gray will step down later this year – after his 25th season. Gray, the ECB’s Head Groundsman of the Year,...

in Cricket - on 10/1/15

Dave full body

Q&A - David Leatherland

David Leatherland - not much chance of your liver surviving if you attend one of his dinner parties!

in Golf - on 10/1/15

dave head and shoulders

Kedleston Park Golf Club

Joining a club straight from school, and still being there forty years later, is something of a rarity. Yet, that is exactly what David Leatherland, Head...

in Golf - on 10/1/15

Steve Bishop

Steve Bishop at Bayer

Steve Bishop is the new Product Manager for professional products at Bayer CropScience. He joins after five successful years at Polypipe, and says he sees...

in Industry News - on 9/1/15

Vanishing spray

Use of vanishing spray

The Football League have confirmed that Vanishing Spray will be used in all Sky Bet Championship, League 1 and League 2 games between now and the end of...

in Industry News - on 9/1/15


Bargain Hunt battle

A head greenkeeper and his wife from Kenwick Park Golf Club battle it out against each other on BBC show ‘Bargain Hunt’

in Industry News - on 9/1/15

Etesia Factory visit

Etesia dealers trip

Etesia rounded of another successful year by inviting a group of UK dealers to its Wissembourg headquarters in France to provide an insight into the past,...

in Industry News - on 9/1/15

Essex FA

Groundsman of the Year

Quality pitches are essential for the development of football at every level, so grassroots groundsmen - the vast majority of whom are volunteers - are...

in Industry News - on 8/1/15