0 Dennis helps Canaries fly high

DENNIS helps Canaries fly high

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The consistent performance of Division One Champions Norwich City FC is being boosted by equipment from British Manufacturer, Dennis. The machines are keeping the Carrow Road turf in peak condition.

Head Groundsman Gary Kemp says that his two Dennis G860s are vital, owing to their versatility. The 34in (86cm) wide cylinder mower accepts interchangeable 'cassettes' for key maintenance jobs.

"This multi-tasking brings obvious cost savings," says Gary, who has bought scarifier and brush cassettes for his G860s. "But perhaps most importantly, the quality of cut we achieve is excellent."

"We use the machines to mow in both directions before every match for a manicured, striped finish and the G860's wide handlebars give very accurate control."

Having the attachments available means that no extra machinery needs to be bought or hired in, and cassettes can be changed over in minutes on the pitch. Work can be done when required, ensuring the best performance from the team, who are nicknamed The Canaries.

Such pro-activeness has become even more necessary since the opening this February of the Club's new Stand. The height and size of the structure could restrict light and air circulation and affect grass growth.

"The turf is likely to remain wetter for longer, especially in autumn, weakening the sward and encouraging annual meadow grass," says Gary Kemp. "So regular scarification with the Dennis G860s is important to prevent problems. The petrol-engined machine weighs only 166kg, so the risk of compaction is minimised. "

The new 8,000-seater stand has cost around £8m and brings the total ground capacity to 24,500, just in time for their Premiership visitors.

The G860 is derived from Dennis' FT range, the first machines ever developed to accept modular attachments. The British-built unit incorporates a steel-geared differential in an oil bath for easy turns without scuffing turf. For positive traction, the G860 has a 3-section, ribbed roller made from cast aluminium.

Over 100 sports clubs are now using the G760/G860 machines from Premier division to small town teams, and all appreciate the multi-tasking benefits of the equipment, since one machine effectively does the job of several.

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