August Bowls Diary


By Jon Buddington

Continue daily brushing and/or switching prior to cutting at a height of around 5mm.

The removal of dew will aid cutting by standing the grass up. Allow grass to dry before mowing.

Mow at least 3 times per week during the month and alternate Sundays if possible!

Aerate at least once per week to relieve stress on surface and help water percolate. Use sarrel roller to keep the surface open.

Any weeds should be treated individually by hand removal and re-fill areas with root zone and seed mix, water in to consolidate and get the seed to chit. On the point of water, do check that irrigation system is reaching all areas, if not- hand water to avoid disintegration of the sward.

Use a wetting agent if water is not getting through the surface down to the rooting depth. Check this by taking a thin core.

Get your top dressing ordered and seed/fertiliser ready for the end of the season-so it's available for use as soon as it's required. Make decisions on renovation, does the green require solid tining or hollow coring?

Dead head bedding plants to continue keeping those wonderful flower displays.