By Chris Parry

Now into March, temperatures will be slightly increasing, however frosts could still occur so keep looking at the weather forecasts.

Keep drag brushing or switching your green when conditions permit (keep off if wet or frosty). Be vigilant for signs of pests or diseases in and on your turf.

Continue with your aeration and fertilising programmes- with regards to applying your fertiliser it might be advisable to take a soil sample and have it analysed and then apply the necessary fertilising rates.

With temperatures rising, grass will start to grow, so a cut might be immanent.

Any bare or sparse areas can be lightly tilthed; over seeded and top-dressed with a sand/loam mix. Cover with germination sheets to promote growth.

The start of the season is now creeping up upon you so check and ensure your equipment and machinery has been serviced and in good working order, also if it is your responsibility then check the bowls equipment and repair or replace as needed.

Time to infill the gullies with your chosen ditch material.

Check and re-commission the irrigation system, making sure that it is in good working order and the pop ups are irrigating the areas you want them to.