August Cricket Diary


By Jon Buddington

We are now over half way through the season. It is time to look at a few of your notes taken to help with renovation to give clues to performance and presentation.

If surface is stable and free from severe ball impact signs, then you have done a good job. Continue to renovate worn pitches and fill foot holes with loam and seed.

When preparing a pitch, especially during the current hot, dry conditions, always water to a good depth to avoid the ball going through the top after consolidation of a crusty 1" of surface.

For many of us, renovation of the whole square will commence in 6 weeks or less, so get things moving in terms of supplies for the job. Make a list-get ordering!

If you have used a pitch for the 2nd time and it plays better than 1st time, why? Was it too wet the first time or perhaps under consolidated?

Many clubs change top dressings purely because they hear it is good, remember, it must be compatible with what's already down. A soil test and bulk density test will show this. Alternatively get a sample and conduct a motty test.

Presentation of the square and outfield should be to as high a standard as is practical. However, many outfields are burning up with the weather, so make sure that you are able to get adequate water to the square.

If you have limited manpower, try and enrol member's help for end of season renovation humping and dumping.

Next month I'll give you a run down for the end of season renovations.