Cricket Diary - September

By Jon Buddington

Most clubs will still be playing up to the 3rd Saturday in this month.

The square will need cutting twice per week to a height of 15mm and verti-cutting maybe once per week.

The outfield should also be cut twice per week to between18mm and 20mm.

Watering for pitch preparation is normally 10 days, or even possibly 7 days, before a game depending on how dry the weather has been and the amount of evaporation.

To retain water on the square and allow to it to reach a good depth, cover with a tarpaulin or the covers if you have any.

Games are coming thick and fast at this time, particularly local league and cup matches. It is important to re-level the foot holes, especially on the square, for safety reasons.

By now, all your materials should be on order for the end of season renovations, so that work can start as soon as the last game has finished.

I have produced a separate article on the 'end of season' renovations in the cricket section of the Pitchcare site.