Most of the tasks detailed can be undertaken within a limited budget. Local conditions and circumstances will need to be taken into account.

If any members are undertaking any specific work not detailed, please let us know by adding a comment in the section below the diary.

February Maintenance Tasks for Cricket

Task Frequency Reason
Aeration When conditions allow Hand or machine aeration to aid surface drainage, (varying depths of penetration to prevent the development of a soil pan)
Brushing / Sweeping (Square) Daily / Weekly To remove dew and remove surface debris.
Drainage Weekly Inspect drainage outfalls, channels and ditches. Ensure that they are working.
Diseases including Moss & Algae

(Square and outfield)

Daily / Weekly Keep and eye on fungal disease attack, and use approved fungicides to treat infected areas.
Frost and snow As required Keep people and equipment off playing surfaces when covered in frost and snow.
Harrowing / raking (outfield) When conditions allow Harrowing / raking helps restore levels and keep surfaces open.
Inspect Cricket structures As required Check and repair fences, scoreboards, covers and sightscreens.
Litter / debris Daily / Weekly Inspect and remove debris from playing surface litter or any wind blown tree debris. Litter, twigs and leaves.

(Repairs & Maintenance)

Daily / Weekly Inspect and clean machinery after use, service and repair damaged machinery, prepare machinery ready for new mowing season.
Materials Inspection Estimate and order seed, loams and fertilisers for forth coming season.

(Square & outfield)

As required To maintain winter sward height
Seed bare & worn areas on Cricket square When conditions allow Air temperature may be favourable in February to promote germination of seed; this can be enhanced with the use of germination sheets.
Winter feed If grass shows signs of stress (weak growth, discoloured) Apply a winter fertiliser when conditions allow

Low % of Nitrogen (3-4 %N)