August Rugby Diary


By Jon Buddington

Continue to provide nitrogen to the grass plant by means of either liquid feed or granular form. Remember that the ryegrass plant needs to be fed well during optimum growth periods and this will substantially raise its wear tolerance during the forthcoming practice games.

Water in granular feed to avoid leaf scorch.

Brushing the pitch in the opposite direction prior to cut will produce a cleaner finish and a healthier sward when used in partnership with verti-cutting.

The cutting height can be at 25mm to 35mm, the top height will cushion heavy falls on hard baked ground.

If you have the problem of dotted lines merging into one another, lower the cutting height accordingly or alternatively reduce height on lined areas only.

As last month, if there is opportunity to aerate-then do it, regular summer aeration provides air space for the roots to expand into and the plant to breathe. Achieving an improved root system will stand you in good stead for the coming winter months.

Presentation at the pre and early season stage will allow you to produce amazing results, so go and show what you can do!