October Tennis Diary

By Laurence Gale MSc


Most Tennis clubs should have completed their end of season renovations by now. If you are still renovating try and complete the work as quickly as possible making good use of the warm air and soil temperatures to aid seed germination. The use of germination sheets are becoming increasingly popular and may be the only way of assuring seed germination at this time of the year.

The recent mild weather has certainly resulted in some disease attack up and down the country. Keep an eye on fungal disease attack and use approved fungicides to treat infected areas. During October there is the likelihood of heavy dews forming on grass surfaces which often promotes outbreaks of disease. A number of diseases are usually very active at this time of the year, namely red thread, fairy rings and fusarium. Regular brushing or switching off the dew in the mornings will reduce the chance of fungal attack.

The mowing height on the courts should be raised and maintained at a winter height of between 12mm and 18mm.

Mowing frequency will be dependant on a number of factors, grass growth, sward type, level or standard of facility, resources (staff & machinery). Generally it may only need mowing on a weekly/fortnightly basis to keep tidy during the winter months.


Soil sampling is an important part of groundsmanship. The results will enable the manager to have a better understanding of the current status of his soil and turf. There are many tests that can be undertaken, but usually the main tests to consider are:

  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD) this will give you accurate information on the soil type and it's particle make up, enabling you to match up with appropriate top dressing materials and ensuring you are able to maintain a consistent hydraulic conductivity (drainage rate) of your soil profile.

  • Soil pH, it is important to keep the soil at a pH of 5.5-6.5, a suitable level for most grass plants.

  • Organic matter content, it is important to keep a balanced level of organic matter content in the soil profile.

  • Nutrient Levels. Keeping a balance of N P K nutrients within the soil profile is essential for healthy plant growth.

Once you have this information you will be in a better position to plan your feeding and maintenance programmes.

Artificial Surfaces

Artificial grass systems


Keep surface clean with regular sweeping and brushing. Remove any algae and moss from surface. Sand filled systems require regular brushing to maintain manufacturer's recommendations on sand levels and pile heights.

American Fast Dry courts

Before/after games


Clay courtsapril-diary-tennisEuroclayc.jpg


Keep surface clean, regular sweeping and brushing to restore playing levels using SISIS Trulute or similar equipment. Top dress any hollows or damaged areas. Repaint lines.



Keep surface clean, regular sweeping and brushing. Repair any hollows or damaged areas. Repaint lines.