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Koln machine 003.jpgDrill n Fill aerator's reputation as a problem solver in turfcare is spreading across Europe. Koln Golf und Landclub (Cologne) recently took delivery of their own Drill n Fill from Ecosolve Ltd, sales company for Europe.

The recent sale broadens Ecosolve's growing development in Europe in response to the growing popularity of the aerators. All over the Continent, golf clubs are using the equipment to tackle previously insurmountable aeration issues. The machine's unique ability to create 12 inch deep hollow tine-like ducts AND backfill them simultaneously, has enabled remedial treatment to be used to cure major problems of poor drainage rather than to rebuild. In addition to the machine's dramatic effects, the treated turf can be further enhanced by using other aeration equipment to build upon the "foundation" work of the Drill n Fill.

Koln is delighted with its purchase, having seen good results at Gut Kaden Golf Club in Hamburg, Munchen Eichenreid Nord in Munich and various courses in Holland. "This club aspires to present a course in prime condition," says Rolf Henrich, chairman of greens at Koln. "We appreciate that investment must be made to achieve that, but if we can avoid greens reconstruction, there are major benefits to finances, membership, playability and smooth running of the club."

Koln's course manager, Dirk Thelens, a regular visitor to BTME Harrogate, worked for the PGA tour in Madeira before returning to manage this 50 year old course. He has heard of great results from the Drill n Fill and feels it will be extremely appropriate for Koln Golf Club.

Problems relating to poor drainage, in particular, slow infiltration rate, can be alleviated and often cured by the Drill n Fill which can operate in conditions that would halt other equipment. Drilling out the soil allows lateral movement within the rootzone and releases compaction pressure while the deep penetration breaks through sub-surface hard pans and rootzone or subsoil interfaces.

This creates greater aero-porosity and encourages deep rooting as well as putting specialist soil amendment directly into the rootzone. The backfill material holds open the drainage channel, giving extended duct life and while nutrient exchange between the amendment and the grass roots is enhanced. Playing surfaces can be fully reinstated as little as one hour after Drill n Fill work, causing minimal closure of facilities.

Ecosolve is sole importer and distributor of the Drill n Fill and supplies delivery, training and spare parts to its European customers. "It is my job to get the best deal for Koln GC," says Andreas Doring, club manager, "and in purchasing it from Ecosolve, that goal has been achieved. Good service and product support are vital if we are to optimise the return on our investment and Ecosolve is providing that."

After supplying the first machine into Finland recently, Ecosolve's contract work aerators are operating this spring in France and Switzerland, with future bookings for Germany, Holland and Spain later in the year. "The European market is very important to us," says Bretton King, Ecosolve Ltd's managing director. "The sale to Koln is good for the continued expansion of Drill n Fill into Europe."

Picture shows three members of Köln Golf und Landclubb taking receipt of the Club's new Drill and Fill aerator. Pictured from left are DIRK THELENS - Course Manager , ROLF HENRICH - Chairman of Greens & ANDREAS DÖRING - Club Manager

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