0 Edgbaston under renovation

Edgbaston under renovation


The whole square was renovated a week last Monday with the Graden. We used this heavy duty scarifier to remove a huge amount of thatch from the surface of the square. The machine was used in three directions and we have filled many skips with the debris that came off!

The weather has been tremendous for the time of year and we have used it to our advantage to get the seed in to the ground double quick. The seed was applied with the Sisis vari-seeder and some additional seed was added using our cyclone spreader. The seed was a Barenbrug special mix of Bareine, Bargold and Bardessa brushed into the grooves left by the Graden and the dimples from the vari-seeder. In all we have put down about 175kg onto 0902sisisvariseed.jpg

The square was then immediately top-dressed with nearly 10 tonnes of loam and this again was brushed and looted into the surface.

Once the loam was brushed in, we put the sprinklers on at three hourly intervals, at four minutes per head. This is probably the earliest that we have been able to complete our square renovation that I can remember, and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the way that it has turned out.

We have covered the centre of the square with germination sheets and the outer strips with our rain covers to promote fast growth. The seed was up inside eight days and under the germination sheets is sitting at nearly an inch long already. I will take the covers off 0902newseedgermination.jpg

As yet I haven't fed the square, I am waiting for the new seeds to establish and then I will give it an autumn/winter feed down in a week or two.

The square was solid tined in five directions with the Groundman machine to a depth of 125mm, I will probably spike fortnightly through this winter, once the top dressing has been worked in and the grass is0902sandressingouter.jpg

We are currently top dressing the outfield with 100 tonnes of medium washed drainage sand. The outfield 0902sandloading.jpg

Then we will repeat the whole operation at the colts ground for the square and outfield.

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