0 Education and training with the city of Wolverhampton

Education and training with the City of Wolverhampton

By Danny Godfrey


Danny Godfrey is currently working as a work based learning coordinator for the City of Wolverhampton College, Danny oversees the lecturing and training of local trainees, who attend the Cedars Horticultural Centre (part of the college) in Wolverhampton.


The horticultural industry is the largest employer in the UK. It covers both amenity and commercial horticulture, which encompasses such areas as fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns,parks, open spaces, sports grounds, golf courses, recreational areas, Botanical, National Trust and English Heritage sites, ecological sites, reclamation, design, sales, consultants and contract services.

We are told that we should be eating five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. Who supplies all of these products? The Horticulturist. In addition there is the care of our parks and gardens, sports facilities from soccer pitches to golf courses. Who cares for these? The Horticulturists, Groundsmen and Greenkeepers.

Training Centre

Our training centre is at the Cedars Horticultural Centre, Compton Road West, Wolverhampton. The college's main aim is to educate its student body in the principles and practices of horticulture. With these factors in mind, the Centre is obviously involved in the whole range of horticultural practices that are needed.

Courses that we can offer are:-

  • NVQ levels 1-3,

  • Creative Skills Garden Design,

  • National Certificate Horticultural,

  • Gardening Skills C&G 9383,

  • Practical Certificate in Gardening C&G 0061,

  • Horticulture Therapy, Sports Turf (naturals),

  • Artificial Sports Turf,

  • Floristry (NVQ, Craft, Intermediate, National Certificate, Advanced National Certificate),

  • BTEC Level 3 Design, Foundation Certificate Horticulture (Full Time),

  • Safe Use of Pesticides Certificate,

  • Key Skills.

Work Based Learning

Through our NVQ horticultural courses, we aim to provide training in a wide range of skills and information necessary to progress to higher level qualifications or to enter the profession as an adaptable and all-round person.

On a Work Based Learning programme you will be working in your normal horticultural sector one day per week. You will be working towards NVQ Levels 1-3 on an apprenticeship or advanced apprenticeship, with Key Skills integrated into the courses or just simply an NVQ Levels 1-3 without the key skills.

Quality of Education and Training

The teaching aspects to meet individual needs are based on which students are successful, which teaching strategies to use, where to start instruction depending on the ability of the learner, what additional instruction is to be given to less successful learners and when learners have achieved the objectives.


The learners have a very high facility of learning at the Cedars, which helps to inspire their learning needs, together with very good training placement providers. Two important aspects on resources that are coming on stream in 2004 are that of interactive white boards and classroom computers.

Assessment methods and forms are made in line with the City and Guilds guidelines for learner assessments. Monitoring is carried out with the learner and their employer in the form of regular reviews. The learners match their City and Guilds course by choice, which helps them to aspire to their aspiration and potential. Their courses are selected in conjunction with their employment aspect and employer.

The college produces a main prospectus, which shows the information with regards to the NVQ horticultural courses available for learning.

Learners can also telephone the Work Based Learning/ Cedars site to access any further help and/or information. This help / information would take into account any provision for individual learning needs and point them in the right direction for any relevant, effective support on personal issues.

All enquiries should be directed to College Direct on 01902 83|099 or Cedars Horticultural Centre on 01902 312064.

Editorial Enquiries Editorial Enquiries

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