0 Election prompts maintenance

Election prompts maintenance

By Carol Dutton


Elections may come and elections may go, but the lawns around the Palace of Westminster need to be maintained whoever is in power.

The Lawn Company, under contract to Acton based Vista Landscapes Management Ltd. waited until the pre election recess before tackling Speakers Green (behind the Houses of Parliament), New Palace Yard, Cromwell Green and Abingdon Green, all in one day.

"In a combined weed and feed operation, we sprayed the 6,000 sq metres of the parliamentary estate with sebig-benSecurity-Check.jpg

"We thought that this was the appropriate time to do it, when there were no M Ps about and we wouldn't have to cordon off as many areas for safety reasons," explains Terry Greer, Contracts Manager for Vista Landscapes, who have had the maintenance contract for the last ten years. "Security is always tight, and although The Lawn Company had received clearance a month before we leant them our gardener for the day who acted as escort."

"Despite our day passes, the police were extremely vigilant," reports Seaton. "Even to the point of checking the underside of one of our fertiliser spreaders!"

While on May 5th television viewers were concentrating on the election results, Seaton's eyes were glued to the lawns around the Palace Of Westminster, satisfying himself that the fertiliser was already working and greening up the grass.

For further information on the maintenance services of The Lawn Company contact them on Tel: 0870 442 7475.

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