0 Electro-Hydraulic controls available for Propass 180 topdresser and MH-400 materials handler

Hd -400 Programmable electro-hydraulic controls are now available as an option on the ProPass 180 low impact top dresser and the MH-400 materials handler from Turfmech Machinery.

Offered in place of the standard hydraulic control levers, the new electro-hydraulic (EH) system is designed to enhance the ease, speed and convenience of using the two machines.

Owners and operators specifying the ProPass 180 EH or MH-400 EH will appreciate the simplified control system with fewer components and the use of a hand-held electronic control unit that can be mounted beside the driving seat or at the side of the machine to suit requirements.

The control unit, which is fully programmable, is built around a central processing unit (CPU) that controls all machine functions. On the ProPass 180, these functions are the speed and movement of the main conveyor belt and the twin rear spinners. The unit has a "last settings" memory and six programmable settings, which the operator can program to suit different materials and application rates.

On the MH-400, the control unit governs the speed and movement of the main conveyor belt, the raising and lowering of the hopper and the speed and motion of the rear cross-conveyor belt or twin spinner attachments. It, too, has a "last settings" memory and six programmable settings.

The use of a one-piece control unit has allowed the hydraulic system of both machines to be simplified into a single custom-manufactured hydraulic manifold, controlled by three electric solenoids. If a solenoid should fail, a built-in manual override ensures that the machine still remains functional.

A further important feature of the control unit is the inclusion of 'Pulse Width Modulation' (PWM) technology to help optimise hydraulic output and pressure for gradual starting and stopping of the hydraulic drive motors to reduce shock loads and wear.

The control unit also provides for future functionality and expandability without the need for replacement. New programs can be uploaded simply through a plug-in connector. At the end of the season and for added security, the control unit can be unplugged and removed from the machine for safe storage.

The ProPass 180 and MH-400 specified with the new electro-hydraulic control system cost from £8,750 and £ 18,275 respectively.

Optional electro-hydraulic control unit can be mounted on the machine or alongside the operator on the tractor or work vehicle to suit individual requirements.
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