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BCE award presentation1.jpgMajor Commendation under the

Business Commitment for the Environment Awards 2002 byMargaret Beckett MP. Their

development of 'Barrier H' as an Agricultural Herbicide to control ragwort caught the imagination of

the Business Environment Awards panel. Its active ingredient is Citronella Oil. This is derived from

plants harvested from sustainable crops in third world countries - and represents an entirely novel

approach to the production of herbicides. Barrier Biotech is a small company based in Attleborough,

Norfolk and has gone through the entire process of product development - including design and

formulation, efficacy trials, manufacture, market authorisation from the Pesticides Safety Directorate

(MAPP 10136) and subsequent marketing. Nigel Back, managing director, said "We are thrilled to

receive the recognition for both our innovative approach and our concern for the environment that this

award represents".

Ragwort is a significant rural problem. It causes irreversible liver damage resulting in a very painful

death for affected animals. Barrier Biotech, which has been using natural materials to make animal

healthcare products for over a decade, recognised that conventional ragwort treatment by chemicals

not only affected surrounding plant life but also meant animals had to be excluded from the treated

field for up to two months. With 'Barrier H' the ragwort can die within 48 hours and generally

disappears within a couple of weeks. Spot treatment ensures that only ragwort is targeted. It provides

an extremely low risk to the environment and has proved effective in SSSIs, roadside verges and other

amenity areas such as golf courses, parks and sports fields.

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