0 EPS and Pasquali at Saltex 2012

TMO1Electric Powered Solutions (EPS) is a branch of the well established Pasquali Tractors UK and both brands were displayed at Saltex. Designed for highway maintenance, the Zanon TMO 1500 is a multi-purpose verge mower that is adaptable from any lateral position for cutting verges to extendable vertical positions for hedge and plant cuttings. The standard machine includes flails or knives and height adjustable skids, a height adjustable levelling roller, accident prevention protection and adjustable belt tightener. It operates within a 40hp to 80hp band.

Pasquali EOS tractors are isodiametric with a central articulation and available in mono-directional or reversible versions. They are extremely compact with a low profile and feature a constant drive that optimises the power transmitted to the wheels.

This, combined with a compact and secure alignment, allow the machines to be used on every type of terrain across the widest range of cultivations, from steep slopes to orchards, vineyards, greenhouses and generally where it is vital to achieve optimum manoeuvrability. The EOS 6.65 was displayed.

The XB40 is a two wheel tractor with a gearbox giving the operator 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds, with a quick reverser for change of direction. This tractor has been specifically designed to optimise the quality/price ratio and versatility is the primary feature of the XB40 which was on show with a Zanon rotary mower.
EPS is focusing on the supply of carbon reducing electric vehicles that decrease hazardous handling operations.

The range includes electric wheelbarrows, platform trucks, tow tractors and the CityFort, road legal, fully electric truck. Built on a lightweight aluminium frame with numerous body options there's a CityFort to suit a diversity of uses for councils and grounds maintenance to waste and facilities management, working silently around shopping, sport, amenity and leisure areas.

These eco-friendly zero emission vehicles are congestion charge and road tax exempt. The efficient size and 915kg weight make it perfectly suited to negotiating driveways and narrow streets while being kind to delicate ground. The CityFort has a capability of up to 80 miles on a full charge, depending on the load and use. Carrying capacity is up to 530kg. The tipping version was displayed at the show.

The EPS 300T and 200T are electric platform trucks that are ecological and silent. They speed up all types of stocking, production plant, warehouse and any other material movement operation, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. They are simple, easy to manoeuvre and suitable for loads up to 500kg.
The Metazet M-Trike is an amazing new solution to personal transport within any industrial environment both inside and outside and has a substantial towing capacity. It is simplicity itself to drive. Compact and highly manoeuvrable it can tow two Danish carts or a variety of trailers.

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