0 Europe's widest roller mower at TGA Show

The widest commercially available rotary roller mower in Europe will be put through its paces on the Trimax demonstration plot at the 2013 TGA Turf Show, being hosted by Fineturf, Carlton Scroop, Grantham, Lincolnshire, on Tuesday 9 July.

Shown for the first time at the 2011 event, the Trimax X-WAM extra-wide area roller mower has achieved great success with North American turf growers over the past two years due to its exceptional cutting quality and the high workrates produced by the mower's 10.4m cutting width.

Maintaining an average forward speed of 6mph, typical output across large, unrestricted areas of regularly-maintained turf is upwards of 20 acres an hour behind a tractor of 90hp-plus. Cutting height range is from 10 - 102mm.

Offered as a complete all-in-one mowing system or as a two-deck extension for the successful Trimax Pegasus S3 610 roller mower, the X-WAM is able to bring considerable productivity and cost benefits to all with significant expanses of grass to maintain.

A clean and even cut across the entire working width at a full range of mowing speeds is assured by the use of Trimax's unique LazerBladez™ fling-tip blade system, as fitted to the company's entire rotary mower range.

Featuring a full-length cutting edge, LazerBladez™ combines a precisely- engineered centre of gravity with a distinctive forward-tilting design that promotes a clean cut with no hang-back, equally suitable for close-mowing of cultivated turf and for cutting longer, tougher grass, if ever needed.

The mounting of the blades on small diameter beams combined with high rotational speeds produce a very fast blade tip velocity which ensures a cleaner cut and evenly dispersed clippings at all mowing speeds.

When the blades need replacing, the LazerBladez™ design is extremely cost effective as only the fling-tip end section needs to be replaced, not the entire blade assembly.

More information can be found on the Trimax web site along with the company's contact details. Demonstrations can be arranged with pleasure for professionals growing or looking after turf who would like to assess the X-WAM's performance for themselves .


Trimax Mowing Systems is a privately owned company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets tractor powered grass mowing equipment. The company has provided cost-effective, reliable and productive solutions to grass care professionals for over 30 years.

Trimax mowers now groom highly manicured sports grounds and turf farms, safety-conscious schools, demanding golf courses, rough roadsides and beautiful city parks around the world.

Continuous process improvement and innovation in mower design and production keep Trimax as the world leader in producing great finishing mowers with lower running costs and faster cutting capability.

For further information, visit www.trimaxmowers.com. You can also find Trimax on Facebook at www.facebook.com/trimaxmowingsystems and on Twitter @TrimaxMowers

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