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Stuart Staples, International Technical Manager for Everris, was one of the guest speakers at the Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association 6th annual conference held at the Grand Hotel in the country's capital, Sofia, in April.

The event, organised by the association's management team led by founder and Chairman, Arne van Amerongen, brings turf professionals, trade suppliers and educators together to network, exchange knowledge and ideas, and to work together in moving the country's golf industry forward.

The conference theme for 2013 was 'Sustainable golf course and sports field management - Innovative solutions for quality improvement and cost optimisation'.

Stuart's presentation to more than 50 delegates focused on optimising nutrient inputs for healthy turf and pre-stress conditioning.

He explained how optimal nutrition matches the natural growth stage of the grass plant, provides the right shoot to root ratio, and promotes the storage of carbohydrate to enhance the turf's tolerance of environmental stresses, such as drought, shade and heavy traffic.

He showed how excessive feeding results in slow green speed, and how the use of slow-release fertilizer technology promotes consistent growth and, therefore, consistent green speed.

Stuart also shared some of Everris's latest iTurf integrated turf management trial data, which demonstrates how fertilizer choice and adopting an integrated approach can reduce incidence of disease.

Everris is a sponsor of the BGGA and has been an active supporter of its activities since its inception in 2007.

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