0 Exciting new range of drought tolerant mixtures go into trial

Exciting new range of drought tolerant mixtures go into trial

By Miranda Chambers


Significant improvements in tall fescue cultivars together with the interest in more drought tolerant species, has resulted in DLF Trifolium putting a range of new formulations into trial. The new mixtures, to be sown this autumn, will assess the best formulations for the future and will be available for all customers and interested parties to visit, alongside other landscape, wildflower and sports turf demonstration trials.1A-PRG+Clover-22_6_04.jpg

In addition, DLF will sow mixtures under different nutrient programmes to assess requirements in line with customers looking to adopt more sustainable maintenance programmes.

Pro26 Ecosward, a mixture with tiny clovers known as microclovers bred by DLF Trifolium, is looking particularly green at the moment, under the drought conditions. These tiny clovers are able to tolerate drought exceptionally well. They produce a natural source of fertiliser for the grass, so are very suitable for low maintenance situations.

A new mixture, Pro29 Drought Master has been formulated to take advantage of the exceptional colour, density, wear tolerance and disease resistance of new tall fescue cultivars Masterpiece and Debussy. By including Limousine, the UK's leading smooth stalked meadow grass, and a dark leaved perennial rye grass, the mixture is aimed at customers interested in long term drought tolerance who require a mixture with very good visual merit as well.

For more information about Pro29 Drought Master and Pro26 Ecosward please contact 01386 791102, email amenity@dlf.co.uk or visit www.dlf.co.uk/

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