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Sollihull Nottcutts.JPGA specialist aeration company and the landscape design section of a well-known group of garden centres have joined forces to ensure that homeowners get the best from their gardens.

Terrain Aeration, the one metre deep, compressed air de-compaction experts, often called upon to treat badly drained, waterlogged lawns have been giving customers grass after care advice for many years. But following a recent contract for Notcutts Design, (the landscaping and design wing of Notcutts Garden Centres) this advice has expanded to include a comprehensive plant guide, pinpointing the right plant for the right situation.

David Green, Terrain Aeration's MD says that not only do homeowners need to know about his company's aeration process, (which breaks up compaction by injecting compressed air one metre below the surface) but also how to care for their lawn after treatment. "As well as cutting regularly, treating the grass for any disease or insect pests, spiking once a month, feeding, weeding and scarifying and top dressing every autumn, we also point out that rainwater from patios, decking and shed roofs should not, if possible, be allowed to run onto the lawn," he says. "If, at the end of the day, the situation is totally unsuitable for growing grass - the garden could be completely over shadowed by the canopy of a mature oak carrying a Tree Preservation Order for example - then the home owner will be better off abandoning his lawn and using suitable plants instead."

Malcolm Veitch, senior designer at Notcutts Design (whose family has been in the landscaping business for over 50 years) says that he is delighted to be providing plant information alongside Terrain Aeration's grass growing advice. "All too often people will plant something totally unsuitable, an exotic for example in a cold, north facing spot and then they're disappointed when it dies," he explains. "What both companies want is people getting the best from their gardens."

Notcutts' "Plants For Specific Situations - Soils And Climate" will be handed to homeowners free of charge alongside Terrain Aeration's "Aftercare Following Airforce Terralift Aeration" lawn care letter, once aeration treatment is complete.

For further information on Terrain Aeration's aeration and drainage services contact the company on Tel: 01449 673783 Email: terrainaeration@aol.com
or visit their website at: www.terrainaeration.co.uk

Notcutts Design can be contacted on: www.notcutts-design.co.uk

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