0 Fast Aeration is Possible…But ONLY with THE right machine

Fast Aeration is Possible…But ONLY with THE right machine

Recent press reports from an aerator manufacturer have warned turf professionals against using aeration equipment at excessive speeds as it can compromise the effectiveness of this essential turf care operation.

Wiedenmann UK, the leading deep aeration specialist, wholly concurs with this statement when applied to machines that have been designed to work at slow speeds.

However, with a machine that has been purpose designed and robustly constructed using the most advanced R&D processes in the industry, fast and deep aeration presents no problem at all.

The new Terra Spike XF from Wiedenmann is the only aerator on the UK market that dispels the myth that fast and deep aeration is not possible.

Ivor Scoones is head greenkeeper at Long Ashton Golf Club near Bristol and a former BIGGA chairman. Commenting on the XF he said "I was very impressed when I saw the XF demonstrated prior to its launch last year. We purchased the first machine in the UK and it is probably three times faster than any other deep aerator on the market today; it saves greenkeepers a valuable commodity, time, which can be utilised on other course maintenance jobs."

Chas Ayres, Sales Manager at Wiedenmann UK has been closely involved with the development of the XF and said, "Hole spacing and depth of penetration can be compromised by running the wrong machine too quickly. However, with the XF we have produced a machine that has been purpose built to shift the goalposts in this industry. We have built a truly robust crankshaft-driven machine of the highest quality, with all components designed and manufactured in our Rammingen facility. This means that we have total control over the manufacturing process. Our machines are constructed to take into account the significant centrifugal forces that arise during deep aeration and we can penetrate to a depth well in excess of 150mm. In fact the XF operates down to a depth of 220mm at almost 6 km/h with hole spacings of 195mm. We can also achieve square hole spacings of 65mm and 195mm at speeds of 1.9 km/h and 3.8 km/h respectively.

"We have generated a market leading position for fast and deep aeration here in the UK and with almost 12-months operational experience we know we have a reliable, robust product designed for the job, not down to a price."

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