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European Feast of Football


I really enjoy the big European games here at Old Trafford. At this time of the year and in wonderful spring weather there is nothing better than a good game of football.

Deportivo trained here on Tuesday night for an hour. They had brought with them a squad of 22 players of whom 3 were goalkeepers. They were as good as gold. They had been here last autumn in the group stages and were really co-operative then and nothing had changed. I had a word with their coach and asked him to train in the East half and to please do any warm ups on the north side. They were true to their word and after a full hour came off with no fuss only a word of thanks.

The forecast was dry and not to cold that night so I, and my staff walked the bays putting back the very few divots there were. I know I have said it before but we really do play most of our football at the wrong time of the year. If this had been December I would have had a lot of divots and hours of work. Followed by a night just worrying what the weather is going to do!

Last thing before I left was to put the water on. I ran the irrigation all over just to freshen and stand up the grass ready for morning. Wednesday morning dawned dry and bright. Straight into see how the pitch looked. My plan had worked perfect. The grass was stood up to attention just asking to be cut.

I cut lengthways with the Buffalo Allett's with the seats on the back to really iron the pattern in.

I left going the other way until after lunch. Then cut and rolled across followed by marking out. I was pleased with the pitch. Put the nets down and made sure that the presentation was right. Although I say it myself, it did look well.

Irrigated for the rest of the afternoon. Right up until the keepers came out for their warm ups. I enjoyed the game and the result was right. We went straight back on to replace any divots after the game. Not to many as the pitch has played really well. I came off about 10pm and had a last look back at it from the tunnel.

My mind now turns to this Sundays FA Cup semi final between Arsenal & Middlesbrough. It is an honour to host the semi again. I do really enjoy the day.

It takes me back to when I was a young teenager playing football on the green. You always played the cup semis and the final time and time again in those days, I love to be involved with the big games. To think I will be stood watching a semi with no leaning one way or the other, just stood enjoying the occasion. May the best team win………and may my pitch play well .

Speak to you soon


Keith Kent

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