0 February Bowls Maintenance Diary 2004


Most of the tasks detailed can be undertaken within a limited budget. Local conditions and circumstances will need to be taken into account.

If any members are undertaking any specific work not detailed, please let us know by adding a comment in the section below the diary.

February tasks for Bowls





When conditions allow. Do not carryout aeration when there is the likelihood of smearing or damaging the surface

Aeration is important to improve surface and subsurface drainage capacity of the green.

Aeration also increases gaseous exchanges in the soil.

Brushing / switching

Daily or as required

Brushing / switching of the playing surface keeps the green clean and removes any dew or surface water. By keeping the surface dry will aid resistance to disease



Keep and eye on fungal disease attack, and use approved fungicides to treat infected areas.

Drainage channels/gullies

Weekly or as required

Inspect and clean out drain outfalls and gullies.

Replacing and levelling up of drainage ditch materials.

Irrigation equipment

Daily / Weekly

Ensure that water valves are switched off and systems drained down to prevent frost damage.

Organise winter overhaul of irrigation equipment ready for the coming season.

Litter pick

Weekly or as required

Inspect and clear away and litter or debris, (high winds may blow debris onto greens).


Daily / Weekly

Keep machines overhauled and clean.

Consider organising repairs to ensure the machinery operational (servicing & sharpening)



Ensure you have organised and ordered the appropriate materials from suppliers, don't leave it too late!


As required to maintain winter sward height

Mowing may be required during February to keep the green tidy


As required

Carry out any repairs to ditches, paths, gates, floodlights and other building features.
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