0 Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Associations

Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Associations

By Dean Cleaver


FEGGA Delegates representing 23 Countries recently came together at the FEGGA Conference to discuss and agree policies on Education and Environment.

With regard to Education During the past four years, the Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association (FEGGA) has been working with and assisting Greenkeeping Associations throughout its Membership Countries in establishing formal education programmes based on an agreed minimum standard. The Members of FEGGA have now agreed in Portugal at their Conference to take the next step in its determination to create more consistency in Greenkeeper education across Europe.

The focus this year will be to develop a set of standards that will be agreed to by all associations and create a framework for all Countries to work with. His would allow Europe to have a qualification that all Countries can relate to and therefore recognise the qualification wherever one is in Europe.

Golf Course Environmental Management has and is a large and important part of FEGGA's work. It was a big initiator in why FEGGA was formed back in 1996

Today the Environment should be a key focus for Golf, both within the game and also outside the game. To often Golf suffers a negative image for the wrong reasons.

FEGGA very much realise the need to develop good strategies in dealing with the demands that face Golf Environmentally and to make sure that all Greenkeepers and Golf managers have the tools to ensure good sustainable Environmental management of there Golf Courses.

It was agreed by all Associations at the recently held FEGGA Conference that by the end of 2006 every Association will have adopted their own Environmental Policy Statement. This will send a clear message to the World of Golf on the positive attitude coming from Greenkeepers and greenkeeper Associations in setting high standards and directives and ensuring good Environmental Stewardship on our Golf Courses.

For further information please contact Dean Cleaver (Executive Officer):

Email: deancleaver@fegga.org
Tel: 0044 (0)1789 762912
Mobile: 0044 (0)7813 921143

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