0 Five new products launched by SISIS

Five new SISIS products and a special offer

By Lynn Hilton


Fast, effective brushing on large areas.SISISFlexibrush.jpg

The SISIS FLEXIBRUSH has been designed for fast, effective brushing on large areas such as golf fairways, school playing fields etc.SISISFlexibrush-2.jpg

Itcan be used to brush top dressings into natural or synthetic turf surfaces; to lift the grasses prior to mowing for a better cut; dew dispersal; to give a striped effect on natural turf for improved presentation.The wide working width of 5.37m ensures a fast work rate.

There are 6 sets of independently floating "V" section brushes, divided into 3 sections which also float. This allows the brush to follow ground contours and enables a better dispersal of top dressing materials. The two outer sections fold for transport and storage. The FLEXIBRUSH is easy to handle and to attach, and can be used on a wide variety of vehicles.


A neat and effective solution to all those awkward bits of repair work where it is not worth getting the bigger machines out of the shed!

SISISSOFAST.jpgThe new SISIS SOFAST SEEDER has been designed for renovating small areas of worn turf on bowling greens, cricket run-ups, tennis base lines, golf tees etc.

Seed is placed in the enclosed hopper. The seeder is then inverted and the interpitched tines used in a "push-pull" motion to create a tilth. The SOFAST is then turned over on to the drive wheels and pushed forward to meter the seed on to the prepared surface. After seeding, the seeder is turned back on to the tines and the seed worked into the tilth.

The SISIS SOFAST is easy to transport by pulling it behind you on its wheels - the seed metering mechanism works only in the "push" direction.


Tractor mounted combined de-thatcher/linear aerator with collectionSISISTM1000.jpg

The SISIS ROTORAKE 600 took de-thatching into a new dimension. Now SISIS has developed a tractor-mounted, pto driven version with a working width of 1m, and with floating unit to follow ground contours.

With the collector box fitted the TM1000 will work to a depth of 25mm, or without collection to 50mm. Operating depth is simple and quick to set. A range of blades is available to suit various requirements: 1mm tungsten tipped; 3mm tungsten tipped; 1mm sharpened; 1.6mm hardened (not tipped) Spacing between the blades is also variable.

When in use without collection, the scarifying unit is offset so that the wheels do not run over the removed thatch.


With multiple brushing action


The SISIS VARIBRUSH can be used to brush top dressings into natural or synthetic turf surfaces; to lift the grasses prior to mowing for a better cut; dew dispersal; to give a striped effect on natural turf for improved presentation. The working width is 1.86m.

The VARIBRUSH is easy to handle and to attach, and can be used on a wide variety of vehicles incl. SISIS 321 and 21-1D tractors, tractors, trucksters, utility vehicles, Kawasaki Mule, even golf cars and bunker rakes.

Three versions are available: 3-point mounted for tractors and trucksters (adaptor frame required); manual lift; hydraulic or electric lift. The VARIBRUSH can be fitted with ball hitch, pin hitch or jaw-type hitch. The drawbar is adjustable for towing height and length and the brush frame is reversible to allow for brush wear.


With tungsten tipped blades

The SISIS VEEMO MKII is a purpose designed, heavy duty, scarifier using strong cutting blades for maximum thatch removal withSISISVMOMkII.jpg

The double-ended blades are tungsten tipped for extra durability and the pitch of the blades can be varied by means of flexible spacers. The VEEMO has three independently floating heads to closely follow ground contours without scalping. Depth of cut is infinitely variable by means of a micro-adjuster on each unit. This patented feature is unique to SISIS machines.

The SISIS VEEMO gives fast ground coverage - a football pitch being completed in approx half-an-hour.

If you would like further information or advice on any of the new products available please contact SISIS Equipment Ltd on Tel 01625 503030 or e-mail: - info@sisis.com


Tungsten Tipped Blades for SISIS VEEMO

SISIS is pleased to announce that, following the success of tungsten tipped blades on the SISIS ROTORAKE 600, this technology has now been incorporated into a specially designed blade for the SISIS Hydraulic Veemo, model VMO/3H.

Tungsten tipped blades are very durable and last longer than the standard Veemo blade, therefore reducing down-time. The new blades will remove more thatch and can lead to even better results from the SISIS VEEMO.

SISIS is offering a complete kit comprising a set of 54 tungsten tipped blades, the extra fittings required and the unique SISIS Tine Compression Tool which makes fitting blades quick and easy - all for a special price of £650 + VAT. This offer is available until 31st December 2003 only; the full price of £725 + VAT will apply with effect from 1st January 2004.

If you wish to take advantage of this special offer please call SISIS Sales Department on 01625 503030,

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