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SPRING START and SUMMER HEAT STRESS are just two of Floratine's exciting new Management Action Plans (MAPs), designed for solving specific turf issues.

In spring, when the weather suddenly changes and temperatures rise, grass, having had very little nutrient during the winter months, will try to grow whether it has the resources or not. In these circumstances it becomes weak, yellow in appearance and prone to disease. By using Floratine's SPRING START and feeding through the leaf in small quantities before temperatures rise, Turf Managers can easily strengthen the sward and truly create "Plant Strength."

SUMMER HEAT STRESS is a safe, foliar application, reducing plant wilt and moisture loss, while at the same time relieving plant stress during high temperatures.

"At soil temperatures below 12 degrees C, and ambient temperatures above 25 degrees C, grass plants are unable to take in and convert enough nutrients through the roots," explains David Snowden, Floratine's European Technical Director. "These are just a few examples of the specific turf issues our different MAP programs can solve."

SPRING START and SUMMER HEAT STRESS are part of a range of Management Action Plans (MAPs) that includes Winter Strength, Tournament Prep, Aerification Recovery, Flushing and Fairway Colour.

For further information contact David Snowden on Tel: 01765 658021 Email: dpsfpg@aol.com or visit the Floratine website at www.floratine.com
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