3 Football’s Most Obvious Decision

Football's Most Obvious Decision

The 2006 FA Cup Final will be played at the Millennium Stadium - an announcement that could, and, should have been made six months ago.

Multiplex, the Australian company building the new stadium, are not able to give a 100% assurance that it will be handed over by the agreed deadline of the end of March.

Full credit to the FA for not prevaricating any longer, and full credit to them for booking the Millennium Stadium, and paying a non refundable deposit, some time ago.

The FA won't lose out, with a reputed £1 million per week penalty for the builders, however it does come as a disappointment to English supporters of the game who want their iconic competition back in their homeland asap.

Meanwhile the saga of the new Wembley will continue. Expect the concerts scheduled for the summer to be cancelled, and don't be surprised to see Multiplex still in residence at the end of the year - you can bet there will be plenty of snagging to sort out!

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