0 Gabions come out of the stone age

gabions It would be fair to say everyone has certainly seen gabions in their lifetime but most do not even know what one is. The metal caged structures most frequently seen at the side of motorway embankments as retaining walls filled with stone are hardly exciting.

That is until now! Stones³ has brought the concept from the construction industry to the retail garden and landscape sectors.

Using smaller sizes than the traditional 1 metre cube, the metal gabion structures suddenly become more useable in a variety of functions - Planters, water features, tables and bench supports, steps, border edging and even housing to decking lights.

However the real pièce de résistance is the move away from the traditional stone filling of the gabions. Using a wide variety of in-fills such as bottles, cans, logs, willow, shells, bamboo etc the gabions become the focal point of any garden feature adding a modern twist.

Having recently showed at GLEE and Grand Designs Live exhibitions for the first time, Stones³ received a phenomenal amount of interest and proved to be a real talking point fuelling everyone's imagination. Indeed, interest was so good they have been entered into the Grand Designs award for 2007. gabion planter

Stones³ have been selling the gabion concept over the last few years via the internet with growing success and in an effort to promote this further they are now able to offer their garden range (276mm³, 320mm³ & 372mm³) with an attractive point of sale display to selective outlets across the country.

Nick Harris UK Sales Manager commented "Outlets who have taken the gabions certainly notice an upturn in associated stone filling products and just as importantly have seen the excitement it has generated from customers keen to do something different in their gardens".

If you are interested in stocking this new concept, call Stones³ on Tel: 0845 230 0013 or visit www.stones3.co.uk for more information.
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