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Leading manufacturer of golf, lawn bowling greens and other sports turf maintenance equipment, Wood Bay Turf Technologies, has been creating world-class turf maintenance equipment since 1987, and has a range of products to help with all aspects of summer lawn maintenance.

It's always recommended to start the season with a roll, as greens can be soft and uneven at this time of year. Rolling will help to smooth uneven spots and firm up the surface. The greensIRON 3900 golf greens roller, has been top-rated by leading golf course managers to raise the standard of greens to incredibly high quality, while smoothing out any surface imperfections and creating a firm playing surface. The greensIRON golf turf roller has a light footprint, even lighter than a person making a putt, so it will not make a mark as it rolls.

The machine has uniquely designed handlebars to allow for ease of steering, while its Hydro-Gear makes the transition from one direction to another very comfortable for even the least experienced operator. The roller's rubber-tracked drive roller also provides superior climbing ability on the steepest, undulating greens and approaches.

The greensIRON 6200 Lawn Bowling Greens and Tennis Court Roller is based on the same design as the greensIRON 3900, but has wider rollers at 62" instead of 39". The greensIRON 6200 is ideally used for rolling lawn bowling greens and tennis courts to make them smoother and play faster, improving the turf surface and creating a consistent green speed.

Another key task is turf dethatching and thinning out thatch to clear out old, dead grass and other organic matter that has built up, but not broken down, over the autumn and winter months. Dethatching opens up the lawn surface to allow for improved nutrient and water intake. The Wood Bay fds9200 multipurpose turf dethatchers are lightweight, flexible and responsive, and are engineered to handle a variety of surfaces, from the contours and undulations of a golf course to the flat surfaces associated with sports fields, race tracks and equestrian arenas.

Finally, it's is an ideal time to make sure that all equipment is in tip-top condition. Along with turf specialist machinery, Wood Bay also manufactures dynaBlade verti-cut blades for all leading brands of turf machinery. Strong by design with tungsten carbide tips, the blades are engineered to save time and money with the most efficient linear aeration.

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