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KICK.jpgWith unpredictable weather the only certainty on golf courses, greenkeepers need a little help to make the most of water.

British Seed Houses has introduced a new wetting agent designed to improve water infiltration in hydrophobic situations on thatchy turf and revitalise the sward after drought damage. Known as Kick, the new product also avoids dry patches caused by localised dry spot (LDS) and make more efficient use of irrigation water.

Developed by BASF with anionic and non-ionic tensides, Kick is between four and six times more concentrated than any other wetting agent, offering superior performance and economy compared to other products on the market.

Ideal for rapid re-wetting of turf areas which contain high levels of thatch, soil borne fungi, evidenced by Dry Patch fairy rings, or areas which have become compacted through heavy use, Kick can be applied with conventional spraying equipment.

Application rates are 220-250ml in 80-100 litres of water per 1000 square metres, repeated four to six times per annum for greens and tees, while fairways should be treated three to four times a year with 200-300 ml in 70-100 litres of water per 1000 square metres.

British Seed Houses' Simon Taylor points out that Kick is a highly versatile wetting agent. "Kick can be used for broad application or targeted to cure LDS syndrome, and severely affected areas can be spot treated, when we would also recommend aeration to add penetration. As it is more concentrated than other products, Kick can be used at lower application rates, offering great value for money and highly effective treatment."

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