0 Go with the Ultraflo when hydrophobic conditions strike the course

Rain may fall in bucket-loads but if the sward turns hydrophobic it'll be like water off a duck's back. Having Vitax Ultraflo Advance in your programme will give your greens the best chance of coping with stress

This long-term, non-ionic wetting agent promotes deeper rooting and discourages dry spot caused by drought stress.

Not only that, it can reduce the course irrigation load by up to 30% to boost green credentials and cut the water bill.

Available in liquid, tablet and granular form, Ultraflo Advance restores the soil's natural ability to attract and retain water, ensuring it is evenly distributed throughout the rootzone, alleviating issues of localised dry spots.

Improved water penetrating formulation also helps reduce runoff from slopes and the risk of waterlogging that may result, while a dilution rate of just 1:19 allows the team to deliver far greater coverage from a single tank.

Stand contact: Mike King,
Sales and Marketing Manager.
T: 01530 510060 E: info@vitax.co.uk

Vitax Amenity is at BTME 2016 Stand A2

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