2 Golf course groundsman suspended over a tank of water

A golf course groundsman has been suspended after letting a neighbouring animal rescue centre use the club's sprinkler system in an emergency.

Jodeen Animal Sanctuary approached the groundsman on a hot day last week after vandals drained their water tank.
He allowed them to siphon 1,000 litres from the irrigation system at Chelsfield Lakes Golf Centre in Orpington, Kent, which went to quench the thirst of numerous farm animals.

A source, who asked not to be named, said the golf club was 'bang out of order' over such a measly amount of water - which was used to ensure animals didn't go thirsty.

He said: 'This guy Gary has been a loyal servant at the club for more than 10 years and he gets suspended over a bit of water worth under a quid.

'The owners of the golf club should hang their heads in shame - did they want the animals to die of thirst?'

Danny Day (pictured), the owner of the 19-acre sanctuary, agreed that he had used water from the club for his animals
According to Thames Water, a 'large volume user' like a golf club pays just 84p per 1,000 litres they use.

Course boss Jon Pleydell confirmed the suspension of the unnamed groundsman - who had worked there for ten years - adding only that it was 'an internal matter'.

See the rest of the article on the following link:-MailOnline

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