0 Golf maintenance in March

Golf Maintenance in March

By Chris Parry

With temperatures rising, grass will be starting to grow, so cutting the greens, tees and fairways will be around the corner unless you are already doing so.

Non-green work should be well underway and nearer to being completed including:-

  • · Cutting back branches and bows that are overhanging the tees and greens and general raising the hood of the trees.
  • · Renovation and re-construction of bunkers
  • · Tidy up any ditch and drainage works that you may have done and over-seed or turf any of the areas.
  • · Re-paint any boundary posts or hazards

Equipment and machinery should have come back from the winter service, check and ensure it is in good working order and is set up for your working requirements.

Materials should have been ordered and in readiness for the spring renovation work.

Keep on with your aeration programme. If the weather and ground conditions are suitable, hollow coring the greens would be an advantage

Keep on with your fertiliser programme.

Some green-keepers like to apply an iron dressing to the greens at this time of year to help reduce the attack of disease.

If using winter or temporary tees and greens it will soon be time to be using the proper tees and greens, ensure all works have been carried out or near to completion to the greens, to your specification or standards in readiness for the change over.

You maybe looking to see if there are any events, tournaments and competitions coming up, so you will be planning the necessary work and materials needed to keep on top of your tees and greens.
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