0 Good reasons to celebrate

Good reasons to celebrate

(and some little known facts about our Internet)

Good news! Much sooner than expected and inside our first six months of trading, Pitchcare is pleased to announce the arrival of its thousandth member.

When we launched the project at Saltex, it was with the thought in mind that the Internet was the quickest and easiest form of obtaining information.

We felt that an independent and objective web magazine covering the Industry would be of benefit to all those involved in it. We work in a profession that ranges in personnel from Amateur Volunteers to the Stadium Professionals. What better way to bring people together than a central website.

So as an update to our sections please note that our job section continues to be popular with regular weekly updates on the job front across all sectors of the Industry.

The Message board has a new section on it called 'Groans and Gallantry' and provides the perfect section for disgruntled members, fed up with being down trodden by so called over paid sports stars.

We hope to provide a new service of independent soil analysis. A service that comes complete with impartial advice on soil improvement.

We have arranged a number of pilot chat forums that have sometimes been well supported, sometimes not, but we aim to pick the tempo up and start to introduce some great guest speakers at regular intervals.

We now stock a broad range of products in our shop and hope to add some more products shortly.

Two new sections on the site are now ready to open and will provide additional useful information for all of us.

More Good news BT have, at long last agreed to relinquish their hold on Broad Band Internet. This means that the general public will be able to enjoy much faster download times for information at a reasonable charge.

In April, the price for Broad Band will be £30/ month. However this price review will undoubtedly bring about a price war that will see prices plummet further.

Some Interesting Facts

Here are ten interesting facts that you may enjoy.

1, At the current rate of growth Pitchcare will exceed a membership of 3000 by March 2003.

2, Pitchcare has an average of 1200 unique user sessions (UUS) per week*.

But since January this year our average (UUS) per week is 1849 people.

3, The website has averaged 49,000 hits per week since launch, and again since January this year the figure rises to 63,000.

4, The Sunday Times this week announced that there are over 8.5 million websites in the world, with 4.5 Trillion web pages floating in Cyber space.

4a, Pitchcare is presently ranked 187,798 in the world, rising up the listing by about 7000 places per week.

5, Last month (February) 7992 people visited the websites 293 pages.

6, Last month there were 266,678 hits on the website.

7, Currently there are 48 relevant articles in the magazine sections of the website. 122 older stories are archived and can be restored using the archive button or the search facility.

8, Last month 80,554 pages of the magazine were read by our members.

9, The average time spent on the website per session is just under six minutes.

10, The average number of pages viewed per UUS is 10.08.

* Unique user session (UUS) is a term meaning one person coming onto the website and making at least one hit or page view (i.e. The front public home page).

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