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 MG 8061RTConsider the Wessex ProLine STC sweeper collector and you could find you have a great deal for your money.

One day it's a sweeper and collector, rapidly clearing up autumn leaves in parkland and amenity areas.

The next it can be converted to a flail collector or a scarifier collector, using the option change kit.

In its sweeper collector mode the STC is fitted with a brush rotor comprising four banks of hardwearing polypropylene bristle which will lift autumn leaves, grass clippings and litter effortlessly into the hopper.

The bristles are secured firmly into a pre-drilled hardwood strip and are of a generous length to give a good 'flick' action to ensure the material is thrown to the back of the hopper.

The STC is semi-mounted to the tractor to allow the brush to follow the ground contours in work and be lifted out of work for transport.

As the whole machine is not lifted on the linkage the STC can be operated behind a small tractor with limited lifting capacity.

The STC runs on its own four wheels, totally independent of the tractor, while the front wheels are fully castoring and repositioned by a simple pin mechanism to adjust the working height.

The rear wheels have flotation tyres to keep turf compaction to a minimum.

Power is transmitted from the tractor through a heavy cast gearbox and belt drive to the rotor. Available in 1.2m and 1.8m working widths this is a true all-year round machine for the maintenance of amenity turf, golf courses, parkland and large gardens.

Whichever mode it's purchased in, the STC can be changed at a later date with the option change kits. As a flail collector it's ideal for cutting and collecting on the golf course rough or as a professional scarifier it's at home on a sports pitch.

Three machines in one spell economy with a workhorse that's operating all year round.

Call Broadwood International on 01420 478111 or visit www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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