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MultiverdoHeadland Amenity brings its range of innovative turf nutrition, health and management products to BTME 2103 at Harrogate.

Using the latest technology to offer greenkeepers practical solutions to turfcare issues, Headland will introduce Xtend 10-10-10+2Mgo at the show. This is a unique pre-seeding fertiliser ideal for use on golf tees, fairways and surrounds as well as winter sports pitches, cricket outfields and racecourse turf.

Suitable for application after any renovation work and after cutting, Xtend 10-10-10 uses Crystal Green, a new source of slow-release phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium recovered from UK waste water. With additional slow release nitrogen providing release for up to three months, a composted organic base, seaweed meal and humic acid, the product is able to aid germination and gentle establishment of new grasses.

Xtend 10-10-10 will provide natural, effective nutrition over a long period while helping to cut workloads for greenkeeping teams with its slow release action.
Headland will also feature its mini prilled fertiliser formulations, Multiverdo 13-0-46 and Multigreen 24-0-24.

Multiverdo is a fine prilled potassium nitrate suitable for all turf, providing immediately available nitrogen along with good levels of plant hardening potassium. The sulphur free formulation works rapidly under cooler temperatures to aid early establishment, and plant hardiness.

Sulphur content is a key factor in the treatment of anaerobic soil conditions or 'Black Layer'. Many turf areas show anaerobic conditions (oxygen deficiency) at certain times of the year, primarily as a result of water-logging caused by excessive rainfall, compaction, poor rootzone construction and/or drainage.

Applying fertilisers containing sulphur in an anaerobic soil situation can encourage the sulphur-respiring bacteria present and exacerbate the situation.

However, by utilising Multiverdo 13-0-46 potassium nitrate, clear benefits can be recognised. Multiverdo 13-0-46 has no sulphur content and contains nearly 50 per cent oxygen as part of its chemical analysis, acting to create an oxidising environment in the rootzone and help to counteract soil anaerobicity.

Multigreen 24-0-24 is a mini controlled release fertiliser for fine turf. Nutrients are released according to soil temperature alone over a period of up to six months during the growing season. Multigreen 24-0-24 can be used as a low rate, 'base feed' to supplement liquid overfeeding and is ideal for use in free-draining sand dominated rootzones, which may be deficient in potassium. It can be used for turf cut below 6mm, providing a gentle but consistent release of nutrients.

Headland Amenity's Sales and Marketing Director Andy Russell comments: "We have some exciting products to show to Course Managers and Greenkeepers at BTME, spearheaded by Xtend 10-10-10 which takes the latest technology to utilise a waste product which can really enhance establishment and turf recovery. Headland fertilisers not only offer great results from the turf but can also help to cut greenkeepers workloads by providing nutrition over a longer period."

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