0 Greenkeeper's Gator to the rescue at Breightmet Golf Club

ParamedicsParamedics have been praised for helping a golfer who fell ill at an isolated spot on the course.

The player, a man in his 50s, collapsed from a suspected stroke during a round at Breightmet Golf Club, Red Lane, Breightmet.

An ambulance was called but the crew realised they would not be able to drive across the fairway to reach the patient. So they and staff came up with a plan to hitch a lift on greenkeeper Chris Ainsworth's mini flatbed buggy to reach the patient.

Graham Ellis, a committee member, said: "The man and a friend were visitors from Liverpool so we do not know their names.

"He was feeling ill and sat down on the ninth hole. Somebody came to the clubhouse to tell us and one of our greenkeepers, Steve Pilling, went to help.

"The ambulance crew realised the paramedics could not drive on to the course. So head greenkeeper Chris Ainsworth suggested the paramedics jump on the back of the buggy. The player was helped on to the buggy and driven back to the ambulance."

The golfer had suffered a suspected stroke and was taken to Fairfield General Hospital, Bury.

His wife rang the club to update members on his condition and to thank them for their actions.

Mr Ellis said: "We are very proud of Steve and Chris. The club has invited the two Liverpool gentlemen to come back and complete their round any time they want. And we have offered the paramedics a free round."

A North West Ambulance Service spokesman said: "Our staff will always try to get to patients as quickly as possible and by whatever means possible.

"It is testament to the crew's quick-thinking actions and initiative and the course greenkeeper that they were able to use his vehicle to get the patient to the ambulance.

"We hope he makes a speedy recovery so that he can finally complete his round of golf."

You can read the original article from the Bolton News HERE

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