Following the successful launch of the StrataCell structural soil cell in March of this year, Greenleaf Urban Tree and Landscape Products has transferred the production of the product to a UK manufacturing facility. The move will enhance the already noteworthy green credentials of the StrataCell by removing the need for international transportation and shipping, and will provide a small but valuable boost to the UK manufacturing sector.

01 Stratacell med 1.jpgExtensive testing at both academic and independent laboratories throughout Europe has established that the StrataCell structural soil cell is the strongest large soil structure unit for urban tree planting that is currently available. The unique patented design of the StrataCell gives each unit the ability to withstand massive vertical and lateral forces, whilst leaving 94% of the soil volume available for tree root growth.

StrataCell is the only structural soil cell to be manufactured entirely from recycled plastics, without any requirement for steel reinforcements (which are prone to corrosion underground). This is made possible due to its innovative design and is evidence of the structural integrity that can be achieved using environmentally friendly materials. Furthermore, this same design allows StrataCell structural soil cells to be stacked within one another for easy transportation, reducing fossil fuel consumption and wasted packaging materials.

A spokesman for Greenleaf said:

"Throughout the development of StrataCell we had two core objectives in mind; the first was to create the world's strongest large structural soil cell and the second was to accomplish this using green materials and manufacturing techniques that are in keeping with the ethos of our organisation.

"StrataCell was developed in conjunction with our overseas partners and up until now production has taken place outside of the UK. However, since launching the product in the UK some six months ago we have already had many enquiries landscape professionals. It's clear that there is a strong demand for StrataCell amongst UK specifiers and it is certainly sufficient to justify independent UK based manufacturing.

"Naturally, we are delighted to be moving our StrataCell production to the UK. Not only will this help to protect jobs at a time when the manufacturing sector is under fire, but it will dispense with the requirement for international shipping, further reducing the carbon footprint of the product and making it even greener than before."
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